disABILITYincites was dissolved. The website has been retained temporarily for the purpose of providing education to the public. 

People with disabilities have the same aspirations as everyone else, but their journey to get there is different

our mission:

Inspiring all things disABILITY

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We share this information with  inventors, designers, innovators who create ABILITY solutions that address the challenges people with disabilities face.


Inspiring All Things disABILITY


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People with disabilities are excluded from virtually every market research, study and other investigations that are used to uncover the unmet needs of the general population and sub-segments. As a result the needs of people with disabilities are not considered by inventors, designers and innovators who rely on research when creating new products and services for end users. disABILITYincites was created to fill this void. We carry out research to uncover the unmet needs of people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. We provide this information to growth-opportunity seekers who develop new products, services and other disability-inclusion programs that empower people with disabilities to live out their aspirations and more fully participate in all areas of life.


We create a better world through measurement of a different journey - the journey of people with disabilities - to inspire all things disABILITY



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With viable solutions, people with disabilities are empowered and can live out their aspirations to more fully participate in all areas of life.

unmet needs

Conducting research that ensures "inclusive" measurement, we uncover the different journey and the different needs of people with disabilities.


We provide growth-opportunity seekers with research to make the case for more and better disability-inclusion programs, including new products & services for people with disabilities.