Inspiring All Things disABILITY

  1. ADVOCACY - Advocating the rights of people with disabilities and their inner circle
  2. EMPLOYMENT - Ensuring the employment of people with disabilities and including disability as part of the diversity conversation in companies
  3. EDUCATION - Educating the public about disability to: a) increase coverage of issues which specifically concern people with disabilities and their inner circle; b) promote positive images of people with disabilities that are not based on charity or the medical approach; and c) avoid negative stereotypes
  4. ACCESSIBILITY & FUNCTIONALITY - Making accessibility and functionality improvements for people with disabilities using, among other things, universal design (UD) and assistive technologies (AT)

Through disability-centered programs that promote advocacy, education, employment, accessibility and functionality, disABILITYincites helps reduce the gaps between people with and without disabilities on 13 key measures of significant life activities. These include: employment, poverty, education, health care, transportation, socializing, going to restaurants, attendance at religious services, political participation, satisfaction with life, technology, access to mental health services and overall financial situation.


From research that measures the needs of people with disabilities and those who care for and about them, disABILITYincites provides growth-opportunity seekers (inventors, designers, and innovators) with the inspiration they need to develop new products and services that empower and enable people with disabilities to be the source of their own results and to participate more fully in all areas of life.

The insights gleaned from research about the unmet needs of people with disabilities provides strong rationale for the support of disability-inclusion programs:


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