Inspiring All Things disABILITY


"What isn't measured doesn't exist."

Virtually every research study or poll is carried out with the assumption each respondent is able to move, see, hear, attend, understand and talk within the performance range dictated by the research design. Due to this unintended consequence, people with disabilities are excluded from virtually every US needs-based and market research study that is conducted daily for the general population and sub segments.

Since the 1950's the general population and sub-segments have been the focus of needs-based research, polls and market research studies. Annually some $18.9 billion dollars is spent globally on consumer-based market research alone; and, of that amount $6.9 billion is spent in the US. Unfortunately none of these studies meausre people with disabilities.

The cost to conduct research can be quite costly. Unfortunately for people with disabilities, the cost resulting from their exclusion in on-going, comprehensive needs-based, research has resulted in designers, inventors and innovators being without the necessary information they need to create new solutions that empower people with disabilities to live out their aspirations and to more fully participate in all areas of life. disABILITYincites conducts research to measure the needs of people with disabilities to inspire all things disABILITY.

We conduct timely and comprehensive measurement and research investigations about people with disabilities to help users of our data make the case for disability-inclusion programs. Through disability-centered programs that promote advocacy, education, employment, accessibility and functionality, disABILITYincites helps reduce the gaps between people with and without disabilities on 13 key measures of significant life activities: employment, poverty, education, health care, transportation, socializing, going to restaurants, attendance at religious services, political participation, satisfaction with life, technology, access to mental health services and overall financial situation.


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